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Real Estate AdvisoryWhat Makes Your House a Green Home

January 27, 2022by admin0

Based on the ‘Aspiration Index’ survey conducted by BankBazaar across 12 metro cities and non-metro cities in July 2018, millennials (25 years to 35 years) considered buying a house as their biggest aspiration.

This survey testifies that buying a “Dream Home” is one of those life accomplishments that tops nearly everyone’s bucket list. When this finally comes through, so many decisions play in, since one would be living in for a considerable period of time.

More to making decisions on your home, they have to be rightly made. One of such right decision to make is making your home green.

This is because local issues such as soil erosion, water management, soil quality, air and water pollution has been much of a concern. These issues permeate into the global level, giving rise to the concern on climate change and renewable energy.

A perusal into these environmental crisis reveals that the current use of land prior to the production of biofuel (resources) has contributed to environmental depletion. Together, building constructions are responsible for 39% of all carbon emissions in the world, with operational emissions (from energy used to heat, cool and light buildings) accounting for 28%.

Therefore, it’s not cheesy to say that owning a green home can be advantageous at the local and global level. This will aid environmental sustainability and accelerate reduction of global warming.

Green homes are constructions built with sustainable, non-toxic materials, and small-carbon-footprint, on the interior and exterior.

At every stage of construction process, environmental considerations are inputted for a green building. This is to ensure an efficient use of elements that span through water, energy, waste and energy.

Installing efficient plumbing and bath fixtures, drought-tolerant landscaping and water-conserving irrigation systems help green homes use less water than standard homes. In this case, water efficient technologies such as water cooling towers and rain water harvesting ought to be implemented in homes.

Also, home energy uses contribute to global warming. On the other hand, energy features installed in a green home build sustainable energy.

For this, solar panel for rooftops, solar water heater, wind generators, double pane windows, Fluorescent Lighting, enough pathway for the flow of air are features a green home contains to build sustainable energy.

Extensively, green homes address indoor environmental quality to enhance the lives of building occupants. In this regard, the use of varieties of plastic create a healthy living environment.

Overall, the principle of 3Rs – Reduce, reuse, and recycle of resources is of top priority in a green home. Construction and demolition waste is profound to cut costs and improve building quality.

There is no single standard about what makes a home green. However, as a general principle, it is easier for a home to be truly “green” if it is designed that way when it is built.

Most of all, green homes save you a significant amount of utility cost. It has the potential of high resale value, due to increased durability it offers your homes.

Preservation of the planet is already a key reason to go green. This starts with each of us. When it comes to sustainable environment, we shouldn’t inch dangerously close to the point of no return, rather, build a living space with style and eco-friendly resources.

Collective impactful changes the average person makes will address environmental issues globally.

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